About Us

Clinical Staff

Dr. Cyrus Sedaghat, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Cyrus Sedaghat provides pain management at Pacific Pain Clinic in Irvine, California. With his extensive training in musculoskeletal medicine in one of the most respected medical universities nationwide “Loma Linda University Medical Center” Dr. Sedaghat uses a variety of treatment options to help his patients with back pain, neck pain, pain in joints, and chronic pain. Dr. Sedaghat offers these services in Orange County, CA to patients from Huntington Beach to cities around such as Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Santa Ana.

Treatments includes non-opiate and opiate medication management, joint injections, and procedures including lumbar and cervical epidural steroid injections, sacroiliac joint injection, facet joint injection, radio frequency ablation, platelet rich plasma “PRP” and SPG Block for chronic stubborn headaches.

In Pacific Pain Clinic beside of receiving pain management treatment if medically indicated the patient will be referred to orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, neurologist or podiatrist.

As a multidisciplinary approach to provide the best and most complete treatment to the patients who may benefit and medically indicated, the patient may referred to Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments or stress relief strategy classes for chronic pain treatment.

At Pacific Pain Clinic for patients with back pain, knee pain or foot and ankle pain who are overweight and may benefit from weight loss programs to reduce their pain, different weight loss programs are available. These programs are supervised by a physician to help patient’s wellbeing and reducing their pain.

Using opiate medication for some types of pain that are not responding to ordinary analgesic medication can cause physical dependency after the original pain has been resolved. At Pacific Pain Clinic, offering Office Based Detoxification can help patients who want to stop taking opiate medication or any narcotics. For patients who are interested and who are medical candidates, Suboxone Maintenance Treatment or Subutex (Buprenorphine) maintenance treatment are available.

Jennifer Schilling MA LPCC 1544


Jennifer Schilling is a  Professional Clinical Counselor, licensed with the California Board of Behavioral Science. She graduated from Ottawa University in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010, with a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling and a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy.

She is experienced  in working  with people affected by addiction, with victims of violence and abuse, PTSD, eating disorders, and a broad range of mental health conditions.

She is a trained EMDR Therapist, which is a research based trauma therapy treatment. She has been providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy services for individuals, families, veterans, and treatment centers focusing on addiction, eating disorders, and mental health.

She works from a mind, body, spirit approach catering the the needs and strengths of every individual. She is also a Reiki Master, practicing mindfulness, visualization, meditation, and sound healing.

Jessica Mathon MS LMFT 84884


Jessica Mathon is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. She graduated with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles in 2010.  She has worked with adolescents and adults recovering from trauma, struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse,  and PTSD. She is a trained EMDR therapist. She has worked in community clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and in private practice, and in the horse arena with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy since 2010. She practices and uses mindfulness, visualization, meditation, creative expression,  physical movement, and nature to connect to and build on this connection for  recovery, health, and well being. 


Administrative Staff

Gail Echeverria, LADC

Administrator for Acceptance Detox & Treatment Services

Founder of Integrated Methods of Interventions for drug and alcohol abuse, worked in the field of addiction since 1993, a human service worker in domestic violence and sexual abuse since 1981, co-founder of New Leaf Counseling Services, and 30 years’ experience in working with families of addiction and trauma. She is educated in addiction and social work, working primarily in the medical model of treatment for addiction and mental health. She is a published author of “A Mother’s Cry” in the Addiction Professionals Magazine in 2006, and has made many contributions in the addiction world of treatment and development. Her most beloved area of knowledge was gained in the 1980’s from a course taught by Virginia Satir and Paula Englander/Golden while working for the Department of Mental Health of Oklahoma, Miami Oklahoma. She became a certified trainer of the “Say it Straight” foundation, continuing to use this method of communication in her work. She is the mother of 5 grown children many of whom also work in the field of addiction. Her husband has contributed to her work as a co-interventionist and holistic healer. While Gail has much to offer her goal is to help families heal from addiction and find solutions to trauma.

Cheryl Wilson

Business Development & Marketing

Cheryl is the Marketing Director for Acceptance Detox with over 20 years working in the treatment industry. In 2017 she joined Sustainable Recovery as Marketing Director, which provides medically assisted treatment to clients in a treatment setting. In 2015, Cheryl founded Transitions in Care Consulting, providing relapse prevention strategies, case management, and interventions to decrease the incidence of relapse. Cheryl also served as Program Director at Belle Monte Recovery Center. She spent three years as Client Care Manager at Michael’s House. While there she created and implemented Case Management services. Through her work at the Betty Ford Center from 1998-2011, she spent 10 years designing Focused Continuing Care (FCC) a yearlong follow up with clients leaving treatment. During that time she had the privilege of working on a 3 ½ year project on outcome studies, with Tom McClellan & Deni Carise at Treatment Research Institute. The goal was to assist her staff with developing, implementing, and monitoring a more standardized and enhanced protocol for treatment through evidence based practices.

Wendy Movesian

Administrative Assistant

Wendy is skilled in placement and processing information to select the appropriate level of care along with dealing with solutions regarding funding sources and modalities.   She is a senior manager tasked with the job of communication between the recovering community and networking in the industry of addiction treatment. It is her job to manifest growth and therefore, dealing with referral and assessments.

Keisha Lanahan

Operations Manager

Keisha Lanahan is often the first contact for a referral or new intake. She has the ability to work through confusion and crisis situations putting the client and or family at ease. She has a fund of insight and awareness into addiction as well as sound communication skills and interpersonal wellness.

Keisha has been involved in addiction treatment for the past 9 years. She started as an office assistant to the Interventionist of New Leaf Interventions as well as working for local psychiatrist as front and back office staff. She has worked in the field of addiction and mental health and is highly dedicated and reliable when it comes to verification of benefits with a wide range of knowledge in both private & public insurance practices and policies. She is the manager of EMR through our provider Zen Records.

Keisha to have superior abilities in dealing with people in all walks of life and has shown outstanding work ethics and professionalism.